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DataSweeper & Duplicator

Data duplication products

DataSweeper & Duplicator
Reliable erasure checking function (facilitates erasure log storage/management)

DataSweeper not only erases data totally, but delivers visual confirmation of the data’s erasure. You can easily check that data have been erased, providing additional peace of mind.

Post-erasure checking function

1. Post-erasure checking function

After erasing, you can boot up the hard drive on another PC to confirm the results of the erasure operation and check that the PC will boot.
●Displays start and finish times of erasing operation, erasing method, specs of sanitized HDD, dump from sanitized HDD.

Post-erasure checking function

2. Generates erasure certificate

The certificate print function enables efficient management of erasure results.

Features of DataSweeper & Duplicator

Ideal for PC kitting and data backup

Feature 1:Combines fastest operational speed in the industry with highly reliable performance!
  • High-speed data erasure (roughly 10 seconds per GB) and duplication (roughly 11 seconds per GB)
  • Significant reduction in delays caused by defective hard disks
  • HDD cooling fan limits HDD heating to prevent quality degradation
Feature 2:Supports multiple interfaces
DSD-1200 series: supports SATA (2.5, 3.5 inch)/ IDE (2.5, 3.5 inch)/ SCSI/ SAS
Feature 3:Offers parallel (simultaneous) wiping
Enables erasure of data from a maximum of 12 drives simultaneously. *1
Feature 4:Features of DataSweeper
  • Totally erases all data stored on hard drives.
  • Fully supports 13 data-erasure standards, including the US NSA data-erasure standard and US Department of Defense data-erasure standard (DoD *2), which are both global standards. Providing up to 99 overwrite passes and a verification function, it facilitates customized data erasure to address diverse needs.
  • Facilitates reliable and efficient hard drive reuse.
  • User-friendly operation requiring no specialist knowledge, so you can start working with it in no time.

*1: Applies to DSD-1200 (SATA) model
*2: The US DoD data erasure standard requires three overwrite passes of all areas of the hard disk, starting with defined fixed values, followed by the complement value of the first run then random values in order to erase all original data completely.

DataSweeper & Duplicator Specs

Operating environment (client)

Product name DataSweeper & Duplicator (abbreviation: DS&Dupli)
Code DSD-1200
Erasing/duplicating capacity (maximum) 12 units (drives)
Hard disk interfaces supported SATA (3.5, 2.5), IDE (3.5, 2.5), SAS, SCSI interfaces
* Connection unit is required (option)
Power specs AC100V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 300W (1TB, 7200rpm, with 12 units connected)
* Varies depending on connected HDDs
External dimensions (excluding protruding parts) 13.6 (W) × 20.3 (D) × 10.0 (H) inches
Weight Approx. 13.8kg / 30.4lbs
Operating environment 5°–35°C (41°–95°F), humidity 20–80% (no condensation)
Accessories AC power cable, usage instructions, DataSweeper USB device, program to generate erasure certificate, power supply cables for each unit, internal HDD (used for duplicating operations)
Connectable units (options)

[SATA/SAS unit (IDE adapter sold separately)]
Code: DSD-SS12
External dimensions: 4.3 (W)×16.7 (D)×4.1 (H) inches/ weight: approx. 2.4kg / 5.3lbs

[SCSI unit]
Code: DSD-SC12
External dimensions: 4.3 (W)×16.7 (D)×4.1 (H) inches/ weight: approx. 2.4kg / 5.3lbs

* Works with SSD which can be used with modern HDD interfaces (copy only).