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Data Erasure Software

The DataSweeper line of total data-erasure products provides a reliable software-based method to completely wipe data from hard drives. The products conform to a total of 13 data-erasure standards, including eight global standards starting with the US Department of Defense protocol. Reliable data erasure is achieved with a user-friendly interface and simple three-step operation. Drives wiped with DataSweeper can be reused.

Incomplete data erasure can lead to many problems, including
  • Leakage of information
  • Compliance violations
  • Loss of trust
  • Unnecessary cost increases

The data on HDDs inside PCs or servers obtained through resale or lease cannot be completely erased instantly using a degausser. Also, due to sloppy management, data erasure is being done with free erasure software that does not completely scrub data or does not generate any record in the form of a clear erasure certificate. Companies are increasingly faced with unnecessary costs because of information leaks and compliance violations, and recently there have been reports of personal or confidential information falling into the wrong hands when second-hand PCs are resold.

Why customers choose Advanced Design’s DataSweeper2 Handy
  • Palm size, so ideal for onsite use
  • Automatically recognizes the PC’s storage media—SSD and/or HDD—and erases data automatically and concurrently using the optimum method
  • Using a USB connection, enables sanitization of multiple PCs concurrently with a single Handy
  • Has the longest track record among companies and government agencies in Japan
  • Simple to operate
  • Produces easy-to-read erasure certificates or other forms of verification with a few easy steps
  • Can be used to erase data from hidden disk areas, such as HPA and DCO

Product lineup

For standalone environments

DataSweeper2 Handy DSH-2000S (USB version)
DataSweeper2 Handy DSH-2000S (USB version)

Automatically detects the type of internal drive—HDD or SDD—to ensure optimal data erasure. Supports 20 erasure standards, including eight global standards!

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For networks

DataSweeper2 Handy DSH-2000S (USB version)
DataSweeper Intranet Standard Edition

Enables efficient centralized control of all PCs used in large organizations.

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DataSweeper Intranet Service Center Edition
DataSweeper Intranet Service Center Edition

An efficient way to erase data from large numbers of PCs and perform hardware checks with just a few steps.

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